That is probably true Bryan, I've noticed that some people tend to assume every person using a screen reader will automatically use Jaws.

I was for instance a trifle irritated when during one of my first experiments with muds, I wrote to the admins of Alterean to get things working, ---- and they sent me a link to some Jaws script files, despite the fact that i'd clearly stated in my E-mail I was using Hal.

i must confess, during my one try out with jaws, I wasn't a fan, but given the amount of time I've used Hal that's not surprising, ---- and I'm fairly certain there are people who would say the same thing upon trying Hal after using another screen reader.

One option I missed for instance, ---- was Hal's ability to customize what punctuation is read when.

i have Hal for instance set to read all punctuation when reviewing via arrow keys, ---- sinse that's what I use when editing, ---- some punctuation when typing so i can remember sentence structure, ---- and none at all when i'm reading using continuous document read, ---- sinse the last thing I want to here in a text adventure, story, --- or even someone's post or E-mail is constant repeats of period comma or dash.

I was a litle bothered that Jaws didn't have these options, sinse I rely on them for a lot of things i do involving text, --- in fact without them I'm not sure if I would be quite as much a fan of text adventures and gamebooks as I am now.

As I said this isn't intended as a Jaws bash, or a Hal promo, ---- merely noting things I've got used to having in hal which I'd miss in another program.

Beware the grue!


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