My most amusing sam moment was when I was in the shower in colidge, ---- and my friends turned up unexpectedly early.

Not wanting to rush my shower, I then yelled instructions through the door for my friends to run game of life, and we played it while I showered.

I stil remember the fits of laughter we Had, when booming through the bathroom door loud ---- but not clear, over the sound of the shower spray was "you may playt eh markit if you own stock, ---- but you daaaant!"

In fact with my friends the phrase "but you daaant!" became a bit of an in joke.

Needless to say, when my install issue for Mike and mary was fixed I was very pleased indeed, ---- and when I acquired realspeak daniel later on, ---- I was thrilled!

While I did use microsoft sam for about six months of game playing in 2006, ---- I think going back to it would be a real torment!

Now you may disagree with me if you like sam, ---- but you daaaant!


Beware the grue!


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