Hi Philip,
No, I don't generally make use of garbage collection. I took C++ in college in the late 90's long before the .NET Framework came out so I was taught first and foremost to clean up after myself manually. Like a lot of old school developers I feel depending on a garbage collector to clean up after you is somewhat sloppy and lazy coding. However, that isn't to say it doesn't have its advantages. A lot of C++ developers, especially new programmers, have a problem with memory leaks as they often forget to release pointers and objects when they are no longer needed. A garbage collector is helpful in minimizing those memory leaks by working in the background to make sure those pointers and objects properly get released when they are no longer necessary. In that sense a garbage colector comes in handy as it insures you have a safety net to fallback on to make sure you don't have any major memory leaks somewhere.


Philip Bennefall wrote:
Hi Thomas,

Quite so. Not only is memory availability skyrocketing, but programming is becoming more and more abstract so that one soon won't have to worry about these things very much at all. Still, though I have not taken any programming classes myself but have learnt purely from experience I enjoy picking up some of the theory as well as the practical aspects as I find that having knowledge on both fronts has been useful to me more than once.

And while we're on the subject of memory management, do you yourself make use of garbage collection? I am considering adding it to my engine but have not yet made up my mind, as everything is allocated and freed manually at this point and it has worked rather well so far.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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