HI Tom
As always, you are so informative.
Thanks for  the nice info.
So then I can come to the conclusion that with these machines  its only
a thing about luck.
NO skill is  involved.
It works then like a cacino, your chances of winning money is 1 out of

have a sunny day 

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Hi Nicol,
Yes, we have those machines here in the United States too. However, they

aren't exactly fair. The main reason is they are specifically designed 
not to be able to pick up the larger stuffed toys, and in many other 
cases there is a switch in the arm that prevents it from grabbing the 
toys too tightly. In other words the game cheats. As a result you have a

very slim chance in actually getting a toy out of one of those machines.
However, my uncle has good luck playing with those toy machines. He 
starts by going for the smaller stuffed toys, and those not packed too 
tightly into the machine. Some times it takes a couple of tries to 
actually get one of the toys out, because he will have it part way to 
the exit when the arm just lets go of it. Still they can be beaten if 
you have enough money and patients to take out the toys one by one even 
if it isn't exactly the toy you want.
I remember a case a few years back we were in the mall and my uncle 
stood at one of those machines playing all day. he would take quarters  
from kids and he would get little stuffed lions, monkeys, dogs, whatever

out of the machine left and right. When I asked him how he did that he 
said there is a trick to it, and you pretty much have to know which toys

the arm will take and which ones it will just drop or not get a good 
grip on. Just because there is a big panda sitting on top of the heap of

stuffed toys doesn't mean the machine can actually get it out. However, 
it is something most kids would try and get out spending lots of 
quarters on a single big toy instead of going for something less 
desirable but more accessible and likely to get.
As far as an accessible computerized version goes it could be 
interesting. Although, I'm not sure on how to make it so that it would 
be realistic. A lot of people don't get anything out of those machines, 
and there has to be a pretty high statistical chance against getting 
certain toys out of the machine. There is a lot of factors such as size,

wait, and how tightly the toy is in the machine. how often the arm 
simply drops a toy because it doesn't have a good tight grip on it. Lots

of things to think about here.


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