Well scot, for me the number crunching is always subordinate to the game and the exploration of that game, --- so working out the best weapon and stratogy in a numerical rpg system helps because I can then go more places and do more things, ---- not just fight stronger monsters.

coordinates I tend to think of in the same way. i can't really map out pathways betwene coordinates if the path winds as in shades of doom. In games with flat coordinates and no obstacles such as galaxy ranger, I do use them quite a lot, but only on a flat horizontal and vertical line usually, ---- and I also work out weapon ranges based on coordinates.

this isn't really spacial though, it's more knowing that if the enemy command center in Gma tank commander is 1000 meters away, that's how much i have to elivate my gun barrel to fire the shells.

generally how much I use coordinates depends upon the game, and the more mazelike it is, the less I use them sinse mapping paths betwene different coordinates is something my brain won't cope with either.

In shades, sarah or entombed I never touch the coordinates command at all.

beware the grue!

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Interesting point about coordinates Dark.  With your taste for RPG's
that tend to have a lot more number crunching and stats to take in,
I'd have expected you to rely pretty heavily on those.

Personally I can't make numbers relate to situations in the slightest
in any game, even remembering simple things like what coordinates the
fires are at in MOTA is beyond me, numbers of steps or coordinates and
the like just won't tie themselves to spacial considerations in my
mind for some reason.  I rely on audio cues or clues instead, which
sometimes means going past a turning to recognise what's beyond it
yup, and those combined with the navigation features of whatever game
I'm playing usually serve me well.  It does mean that I tend to take a
much less military approach in something like GMA Tank Commander I
suppose, but Mr Brain seems to prefer the free roaming feeling and
there's not much I can do to persuade him otherwise.


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