Hi Dark,
Well, I can't promise anything like that. After all I am far behind schedule as it is and my target deadline is now long passed. So I'm not going to spend ample time rewriting the AI to have arrows that arc up into the air and different sword slashes. That is way too complex for what i want to do here. Bottom line, this game is done by June come what may so I'm going to begin slapping things together rather quickly, and ttry and get this thing stable as soon as humanly possible. So there isn't going to be a lot of time spent fooling around on game mechanics. I'm for the most part going to copy and convert code from C# to C++, and if I find time or the need while doing so I'll upgrade a few things here and there, but in the main I'm not really rewriting anything from scratch.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.

this sounds great. even for the skeletons and centaurs, there could be variation in their attacks, and a litle time delay from the point they launched the attack until you got hit. Centaurs for instance could have arrows which arc up into the air, then come down on your location, thus if you could run forward fast enough to be in the arc you could avoid them (though equally, you'd need to take care while jumping).

Skeletons could be given a number of slashes depending upon your position.

distinguishing these attacks would I think be easy, simply a matter of altering the pitch or tone of the sound rather the way puppy 1 does, for where the attack is coming on the Y axis.

I'll look forward to the point when combat in mota is a bit more than damage it before it damages you!

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