Hi Yohandy,
No, your situation isn't all that unique. I've often wondered why so many VI gamers have problems playing games like Shades of doom when I don't have any serious navigational issues with it. One factor could be that Shades of Doom was intentionally designed as a complex maze which isn't the best introduction to an FPS environment, and the other may be just a lack of 3d special orientation. I often attribute my abilities in this regard to having had vision for many years so I have very defined 3d special orientation that comes in handy in those types of games. I actually feel a bit confined when playing 2d games like side-scrollers as they lack more complex movements and realism than a full FPS game offers. Take targeting as an example. In a side-scroller you have up, down, left, and right for your directions. For the most part all you have to do is face the right direction, shoot a weapon, and you'll hit your target. In an FPS game you actually have to calculate a 3d trajectory to the target. So not only does the character have to be facing the right way you also have to raise or lower the weapon accordingly in order to sight the target, lign it up, and hit it. In this way a FPS game more accurately simulates firing a gun, bow and arrow, whatever. I really dig stuff like this, and would like to see this kind of realism in more VI games. Not even Shades of Doom has gone far enough to include this degree of realism in the game yet.


Yohandy wrote:
I actually have this navigation problem as well, and I must say I really hate it. There's nothing I'd love more when it comes to gaming than playing a full-out 3d game, but I probably wouldn't do to well on it. they sound so awesome though. this is not only a problem for me with games, but for real mobility as well. I seem to need a lot more training than most blind people and it frustrates me to no end. I actually thought it was a unique problem for me since my blind friends have really good navigational skill, but I guess it isn't.

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