Okay... here's y take on it, and I want to know what you all think... cause I'm curious, having thought about this for a while.

Yohandy's right. The notes scoll down and hit a line, and you have to hit them as they either get close to or actually hit the line.

as for learning it... let's tackle drums first, since it is indeed easier.

With drums, you really don't need any extra learning sounds imo because of the fact that the drum representation is always the same. The pads represent the same drums every time you play a song, regardless. Red is always the snare. Yellow doubles as a highhat or high tom. The blue doubles as a ride symbol and mid tom, and green is the crash symbol and low tom. So long as you have that down, you're pretty much good with drums and all you have to do is listen to the actual song.

Guitar is a bit more complicated. To Scot, I like yoour idea of trying to figure out what bar and beat the noe comes down in. The only complication I have with guitar in is that fact that when playing crds I haven't figured out a musical way to match cords. Individua notes I can do fine, but some of the cord color combinations make no sense to me.

I think shredding has to be done just the way you say, with training mode slowed down and beeps in place. I can say that if there's one thing I like though it's the fact that when you slow down the song it brings focus on the instrument that you're playing, but I often find half speed is a bit too distorted to make sense of anything. There's my take on it. I figured it's about time I joined this discussion.. as I'm a rock band enthusiast as well, and haven't had the chance to drop my two-sense yet. So, what do you guys think?


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