Hi Muhammed,

Well that is your opinion.  Personally I do not like violence even in a game.  I am 
anti war, anti violence etc.  I would much more like to be doing things that feel 
good or are fun or are at least more productive than killing and dyeing.  And I 
believe that there are games that are fast paced, exciting and full of action without 
all of the killing and dyeing.  And I have been playing computer and or video games 
since the nineteen seventies.  So you know, I am probably not going to change my 
opinion now. <grin>


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Hi Jim,
Onnestly. Its much more fun to play action games. I meen sports games are also fun, but you could enjoy action games. I could remember when the first time that I was playing a ranger in entombed, I was very excited with the molty shot skill. I use to bash all enemies with it, and I was jumping when I saw it!. I was at bed after that, and the next day. It was all to well, when I met my new enemie. The gardaiun!. It was very hard to kill him, and he was keep on winning. Luckly, I played as a ranger healer in one of my saved games, but once I won it.
The healer was my secondary job, but I got killed by awolf.
When I started a new game, It was all fine. Even the drake was nothing for me!

Best of luck,


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