Glad things are working out tom.

As I said, I'd generally agree on being even handed with skills, in fact in muds or online games I rather dislike my character being limited in what he/she can do depending upon skills, so try and have as wide an array as possible.

Entombed though is a different game with a different focus. Not only do you have effectively six sets of skills to choose from, ---- thus making it possible to have a number of characters with specific rolls, but also the game, rather than being a long online affair that goes on forever, is a replayable rpg where you can try different combinations and skill sets and see what works best. Imho this is one of the games' major strengths, ---- so much choice to the player in terms of how to handle the game, which contributes to it's replayability as much as the random generation of dungeons and enemies do.

Beware the grue!

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Yeah, I'm beginning to find that out myself. To be honest when I began
playing Entombed I treated it in much the same way I'd play any other
RPG type game such as Sryth. I'd try and give my character as many
skills as possible, and not focus on any specific skill/power. Only
problem is that kind of thinking is exactly what will get you killed.
However, in my latest game I decided to focus my skill points on
specific skills. Especially, those that have always came in handy.
Like I have a half-elf mage necro who has ice blast trained up to
level 5. In most cases he can kill most enemies with one attack. A
direct attack to the Goblin King's head drops him stone dead in a
single attack. So with the right skills/powers ttrained up right those
are the key to winning for sure.
As for the Goblin King's so-called guards you are right. If you have a
special attack those guys go down pretty easy. in my last game I used
a confusion scroll to screw up the King, and unleashed my forces on
direct attacks on the guards. They all dropped like flies, and then we
ganged up and took out the King. Was really quite fun and interesting
to watch the Goblin King when he was both confused while my characters
leveled him with ice blasts direct to the head. Needless to say he
didn't put up much of a defence. Lol!

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