Hi Orin,
Yeah, its called a double standard. On one hand blind people are seen
as somehow super human if we can play a piano, play games, or anything
else a sighted person can do. On the other hand we are totally
helpless barely able to go to the bath room ourselves.  Instead of
placing us in the middle of those extremes we are seen with both awe
and pitty as we are both super human and helpless in the public eye.
I'm a musician myself, but I'm certainly no professional at it.
However, any time I play my guitar, keyboard, etc people instantly ask
why don't I play my guitar like Jeff Healie. Jeff Healie is an
exceptional blind guitarist, from Canida,  who has invented all of his
own chording, and plays the guitar in a way that is completely
unusual. It is cool, to be sure, but suddenly if one blind guy does it
that way suddenly all blind people have to play the guitar that way,
or so some sighted guitarists think. What they fail tosee Jeff Healie
intentionally rose to super star status because he wanted to do things
no one else tried before like drinking a cglass of water while playing
the lead guitar for the song "I See the Light" and crazy stuff like
that. that kind of showing off only adds to the super human legend
which isn't at all close to the truth.
Then, we have those few blind people who act like they are totally
helpless, and add to the blind people are helpless legend. I've seen
that happen more than once during my life time, and at those times I'd
like to crawl under a rock. Especially, when some fellow blind person
does something to draw negative attention to himself or herself by
rocking in public, picking their nose, mumbling outloud, or some other
socially unacceptable behavior.


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