Yup thomas I totally see what you're saying. It's usually the rockers, the
eye pokers that get all the public attention because it's easier to see

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Hi Darren,
Exactly. I read a gaming article a year or so ago that pretty much boiled
down to the same thing. The game industry are targeting young kids with
little to know imagination so they put all of the effort into cool sounds
and graphics and totally skip the part that a game is suppose to have an
engaging and interesting story line. In a nutshell what the article said was
that todays video games are being dummed down for people with little
imagination, and adding lots of flashy graphics and sounds to make up for
their total lack of quality content. However, that doesn't explain their
attitudes over on Game Spot. I think what it boils down to is their total
inexperience with blind computer users in general. They have grown up with
this ignorant assumption that blind people can't play games, can't use
computers, we all use braille, count steps, and whatever else the general
sighted public thinks of us. It is the kind of attitudes we can't really get
rid of until there more of us in the public eye, and unfortunately the ones
that will get the most attention is those of us whom we'd rather not be seen
or heard. I think you know what I mean.


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