Damnation tom! I forgot about both packman talks and indeed monkey business. By the same tocan dynaman from draconis probably also counts in the same way packman talks does based on viewpoint.

With all the games I mentioned in my other message3, that actually adds up to a surprising number.

Btw, terraformers may be found at http://www.pininteractive.com/ links to all the others can be found either in the pcs games list or on the audiogames.net database.

Beware the grue!


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Hi Michael,
Actually, Entombed is a roguelike RPG type game not a first person
game. There are some big differences in the two styles of games from a
technical point of view. Anyway, since you wanted to know what FPS
type games are out there for the blind I'll mention them below.
First, is Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry by PCS
Games. It is an FPS game loosely based on the Harry Potter books and
movies, but featuring PCS Games own character Sarah Good who is the
main character in the game's story.
Second, is Packman Talks also by PCS Games. It is largely based on the
old Packman games by Atari, but in an all new audio FPS format for the
Third, there is Shades of Doom by GMA Games. As you probably know it
is an audio based FPS game loosely based on the game Doom. Although,
in many ways it is a completely different game from Doom.
Finally, there is Monkey Business by Draconis Entertainment. This is a
game where you are sent out to recover a professor's test monkey's and
find all the parts to the teleporter. Along the way you get to visit
various locations such as the jungle, climb a wall of vines, explore
an ancient Aztec temple, have a shootout in the wild west, and much
more. It's a pretty cool game all things considered.
Also, while I'm thinking of it, there is a game called Teraformer's. I
haveknow idea where it can be found, and don't know much about it
personally. However, it also belongs in this catagory of games.


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