Hi Dark,
Yes, good point. I know exactly what you mean. About the best example
I can think of to relate to what you are talking about is Tomb Raider
As you may or may not know Tomb Raider Prophecy was a side-scroller
released in the late 1990's for the Nintendo Gameboy. While there were
plenty of staircases to climb it also featured a series of ledges you
need to jump over or jump up and grab.
For instance, in level 2 when you enter the ancient mountain temple
there are a number of ledges you need to get to. You need to run and
jump onto ledges high above you, walk a ways, run and jump onto a
higher ledge, and so on. There are also cases where you are standing
on a high ledge and need to jump across a chasm to a ledge far below
you. This is imho something I've strongly considered for MOTA.
Although, I have elected to leave it out of the early levels as I'm
not sure how easy or difficult it may be fore a blind gamer to play.
It is certainly something I'm willing to try though. In fact, now the
the updated Genesis Engine written in C++ is just about ready to use I
could redraw level one with more ledges and things of that nature if
you would like.


On 3/17/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> To be honest, while Tmnt (like turrican or metroid), was very advanced for
> alternate routes, ---- it even featured different perspectives in levels, I
> was thinking on a much smaller and less profound scale with my example.
> To put it another way, in all the audio side scrollers thus far, ----
> including Monti (and possibly mota), your character only can interact with
> what is to their left and right. You cannot jump up to a ledge above you, or
> fall down to one below, much less jump up a series of ledges to go through a
> complex route.
> I know that both of your games employed stairs and ladders for vertical
> movement which was certainly a step in the right direction, ---- but is stil
> imho far less than what might be achieved in a side scroller in audio.
> In a game like Mario, you can jump to ledges above you or to one side, fall
> down onto ledges below (often avoiding enemies on the way).
> Games like Mega man took this to an extreme, ---- for instance the dreaded
> moving ledge section in guts man's stage where you had to time your drops
> from one moving mine cart to the other, or elec man's stage where you had to
> alternate betwene standard left to right movement, or jumping on
> progressively higher ledges to scroll upwards.
> Metroid and turrican really took vertical movement to it's ultimate
> progression, where making your way through the game required moving left to
> right, or up or down, in any number of combinations. I remember for instance
> one section in Turrican 1 which was shaped like a square. you walked across
> the bottom, then jumped up some ledges at the side, then had to make your
> way across some ledges at the top to the top left hand corner exactly above
> where you entered, ---- however if you fell, you'd be on the bottom again.
> This was why Turrican was probably the game that really made me fall in love
> with gaming (and weerd miner music chords), at the age of nine, the feeling
> of totally unrestricted movement and exploration, even though the game
> featured comparatively symple arcade style gameplay, with only a choice of
> two or three basic shooting weapons (a third was added in Turrican 2), a
> close range but multi directional surround shot weapon, and three special
> limited use weapons. Actually, I think Mota already has more weapon choice
> than Turrican did, however it was the huge explorable levels (and the award
> winning music), that means there are stil a bunch of developers who use
> their free time to produce turrican remakes and extra levels today, 20 years
> after the game was first released.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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