Hi Dark,
I forgot about DynaMan myself, but based on the player point of view
it could probably be classified under the FPS style. Although, I
believe James North classified it as classic arcade. In any case you
are right. there are quite a few FPS games now on the market for the
audio games community. More than side-scrollers to my count, and
neither type have been really pushed to their full potential.
So far as I know Mysteries of the Ancients is the only accessible
side-scroller to fully explore up/down movement as well as left/right
movement if we exclude Montezuma's Revenge which was forcably taken
off the market by a few greedy scum bags. Super Liam and Q9 are great
games, but the action all seams to use a strict liniar movement system
from left to right with a few jumps tossed in for good measure.
Mysteries of the Ancients isn't completely liniar requiring to use
staircases, ropes, and sometimes rooms are to the left and some are to
the right.
With FPS we have games like Shades of Doom which does a fantastic job
of bringing early FPS titles like Doom to the audio games community.
However, it fails to take advantage of the newer fully 3d FPS type
games that have areas to explore above and below your current location
as well as rooms on the same level of game play. For example, from the
very beginning the Jedi Knight games had some degree of 3d movement.
You could force jump up to a catwalk, bridge, whatever an dfind a
couple of health packs or a secret weapon there. We currently don't
have anything like this for the audio games market yet.


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