Agreed Tom.

Dynaman and packman talks are actually in the odd catagory of being classic arcade games with a first person view. A couple of crasier retro games designers and more bizarre mainstream games have done this (there was a ps2 game of 3D space invaders), but generally it doesn't happen as much, sinse from a sited point of view either a direct 2D side view or the top down perspective has generally been used for classic games like packman or boulderdash.

While I certainly see your point about 3D games such as shades and Sarah, I do think audio 2D games have suffered far more from this lack of a second dimention, which has seriously affected gameplay. Even in the original Monti game, I noticed that there was very litle actual movement in the y axiss, the hole game ran on a system of essentially stratified left/right corridors linked by climbable ladders rather like prince of persia, some levels of original donkey kong or the old C64 classic Freddy.

You didn't really have as much free vertical movement though as in something like mario brothers, ---- much less metroid or mega man.

Just to illustrate, Take for instance the start of marrio brothers 1 as an example. When you've dealt with the initial goomba you are faced with a ledge above your head. you can walk undernieth it, or jump ontop of it. Walking undernieth will let you jump up and get the mushroom and coin block contained in that ledge, while jumping ontop will let you get the coin block up there, ---- you could, (alternatively), simply run under the ledge and miss the hole lot.

Thus already we have three levels of vertical movement, not linked by ladders or anything else, and a number of options for how the player will handle these choices.

I don't think representing this is in any way beyond the capabilities of audio, --- afterall, you'd only need to represent the ledges your character could immediately jump to (they can worry about the others once they get there), but nobody has yet done it, which is a shame.

Beware the grue!


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