My concern with vocal kews is that the game basically turns into a glorified mud, ie, a set of real time events represented only by explanations of those events in voice.

Someone on a retro gaming forum once asked me how audio packman worked, asking if I got tired of the computer saying "packman eats a dot, packman eats a dot" Obviously said person had seen audio description for tv programs, and assumed audio games worked the same way, ---- not an unreasonable assumption sinse the the idea of representing an entire environment in sound is not one which comes up too often outside audio games, (I appreciated that said person had at least employed their brain), however it does warn of something which might happen if spoken interface is taken too far, ---- I presume this was one reason why David greenwood included features like the sound sonar in lone wolf when it was ported from dos to windows.

Beware the grue!


Beware the Grue!

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Not necessarily relevant as such, but something like the vOICe rendering the GUI is something I have tried out when playing audioQuake with graphics turned on, and it did warn me of certain aspects before the added on audio cues told me about them, but the issue with this sort of platform navigation would also be that players would need to be somewhat used to it's audio rendition as such, but anyway...

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