Hi Mauricio,
Not true. I've often discovered it is better to be familiar with
several different programming languages as they all have advantages
and disadvantages that might come in handy for a certain type of
project.  Just because C++ can be used to write anything it doesn't
mean it is the best solution for the job.
For example, take a simple Notepad type program. Yeah, you could write
it in C++, but by doing so you will be completely writing the
application from scratch. If you chose to do it in say C# .NET or VB
.NET you could easily do it two or three times faster as most of what
you need is right in the .NET Framework. You can drag and drop all of
the controls onto the form, which are .NET class components, and use
the built in classes for reading/saving text files, and various other
features you need for your text editor. Along the line you will save
countless hours of time just by using an API filled with various
common classes, functions, and existing code you can just pick up and
Another practical example is shell scripting. On Linux I have written
a handful of shell scripts in Perl to go out on the internet fetch
certain files, scan my computer for stuff, whatever. I could of course
write it in C++, but why bother? Perl is a simple C-like language
which is easy to learn and use for basic scripting and other
operations. I could write a text editor in it if I wanted to, and it
would not take much time at all since Perl is a simple C-like language
for rapid development of scripts, programs, whatever. It just makes
sense to save some time and effort since these are more or less just
quick and dirty programs made for me anyway.
So my point is not all languages are equal. They offer different
advantages/disadvantages and it is very handy to be able to use
whatever language suits you or your project. Just because you know a
language like C++ doesn't mean it is the proper choice for every
single type of application or for every possible situation. there is
sometimes a need to use something that is suited to the type of app
you want to create.


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