Hi Tom. 

I'm really pleased Mota eleven is out (it's downloading now), and I look 
forward to seeing the zombies. However, as you've bought out the last few news 
items, I have had a bit of a concern which I'll ask here. 

To put it bluntly, I have sometimes felt you spend more time fiddling around 
with the underlying basics, the programming language, the game engine, what 
library to use etc, than you do making the game, and I've begun to worry that 
this is really seriously getting in the way of Mota getting finished. 

This isn't intended either as an insult, or an attempt to bash the way you do 
things, --- just a question about priorities from a very concerned player who 
is looking forward very much to a game to play. 

In Early 2008, you released what would've been montizumas return beta 10, and 
instead was beta 1 of Mota featuring the first level of the game. True, that 
beta had a lot of Monti elements in it, --- and didn't feature half as many 
weapons or features, but essentially it was a playable first level. 

I know very well (now from my personal try out with the bgt), how much of a 
pest programming games is, and that it's very unreasonable to expect games to 
appear quickly. However it does seem after a further 10 betas, two years and 
two months, and a lot of work, it seems we stil have only one level of the 

Yes, it is a fantasticaly designed and fun level, and shows the capabilities of 
audio side scrollers very well indeed, ---- however, there is no getting over 
the fact that it is, just one level.

I've read all your rationales in the news for monkeying about with the basics, 
writing and rewriting both the game, and the genesis engine itself, deciding to 
use cross platform support or not, changing languages etc, and I haven't had a 
problem with any of these decisions, ---- afterall it's your game and your 
project and you certainly know more than I do about making it happen, and 
certainly nobody would want a rushed job, ---- in fact if I thought your games 
were! rush jobs and not worth playing, I certainly wouldn't be so concerned.

However, I will confess that sometimes, it feels like your trying to build a 
house, get part of the way, then suddenly tear it down to start again with 
other materials or in another way.

As I said this isn't intended as an insult or a bash, just an honest concern. 
nobody will be happier than I will if by next Christmas we have Angela carters' 
entire adventure to play through, --- -in fact that's exactly what I want to 
happen, ---- which is why I'm asking this question. 

Are the basics finally, absolutely and certainly in place, so you will work on 
level design? 

Much appologies if this is rude. 

All the best, 

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