Hi Dark,
No offense taken. Actually, several have asked that question and it
does require a reasonable response. So here it is.
First, you are right in saying I fiddled around too much with MOTA in
the beginning. I did a lot of experimentation with this or that, and
it really waisted a lot of time and energy etc. I really shouldn't
have looked at cross-platform APIs etc until I had the project
finished and could technically spend it on my own time. For that I
should apologise.
Second, is the basics finished? No, because I've only done a partial
rewrite of the Genesis Engine itself so far. There are certainly
things I still need to add such as joystick support, would like to
include mouse support, and keyboard input has to be fixed as is quite
apparent from the various bug reports.
One thing that does need some work done is the sound core. Initially
when I ported Genesis to C++ I was planning on a cross-platform
design. Therefore I included the FMOD Ex Audio API in my engine for
processing and playing sound effects. However, as that will cost me
around $3,000.00 to license for the engine I'm going to be dropping
FMOD support soon and switch over to something like XAudio2 or maybe
Philip's PB Streamway for sound. Considering I can save myself nearly
$3,000.00 by switching I think you and everyone can understand why
that is a necessary upgrade.
However, once those things are addressed I can safely say the basic
engine is complete, and no I won't be changing my mind and doing
something else.  I've just spent nearly four months of my life
rewriting everything practically from scratch, debugging it, testing
it, to get what you have in your hands now. You couldn't pay me enough
money in the world to go through that misery again. Plus I'm very
eager to get MOTA finished, and sell it. So in a nutshell we are on a
fast track to a 1.0 release sometime this year.
Finally, in your message you kept mentioning a one level demo. You
might want to check beta 11 again. It has two, repete, two game
levels. Beta 10 did as well, and as soon as I fix the bugs reported on
list tonight, upgrade the sound core, etc the only thing left to do is
add the registration system and all the other game levels. Oh, and I
have someone who is helping me with the voice overs and cutscenes with
the game. So we are well on our way this time to getting the game
done. I know that might seam hard to believe after all the other stops
and starts, but it is none-the-less true.


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