Hi Dark,
Well, you know there is always two ways of looking at this. I realise
your initial concern seeing it as fooling around and not getting
anything done. However, as i see it I learned a lot from
experimentation and the time was well spent in terms of research. I
have a better idea of what i want and what direction to head in.
To put it another way I have a lot of programming skills, and in this
case probably too many because I wanted to see witch ones would render
the best results. The only way to compare them etc is to write several
prototypes and find out which is the best design. Well after two years
and two months, as you put it, I have settled upon the best design, or
nearly so.  I know for sure the basic core of the game is pretty much
set in stone. The only component that hasn't been finalized is the
sound and that's more a matter of comparing say DirectSound with
XAudio2. I've heard good reviews about XAudio2 so that's what I am
aiming for audio. Especially, since I have Windows 7, and that was
what it was designed for.


On 4/13/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> Fair enough indeed, and as I said to Bryan, ---- i didn't realize the extra
> level business, as I said this was rather a question of concern.
> Obviously using fmod isn't a good idea if the price is that insane, so I can
> understand why your changing that. Equaly I do realize that your actually
> not just making on project, ---- mota, your working on two, sinse there's
> the genesis engine as well, which obviously increases the developement time.
> I was just a litle concerned, sinse this isn't the first time you've
> mentioned rewriting the game and rewroking the basics, however if this is
> going to be the absolute final rewrite of everythingwith the level design
> afterwards, that sounds great!
> Pluss of course, when genesis is finished other games will hopefuly be
> easier to put together afterwards.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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