Yeah, I see your point, but at the time I was testing Java the Genesis
Engine wasn't that far a long in development so there wasn't all that
much to rewrite to begin with. It took me a month and a half to put it
together, test it, and find out I didn't want to do that. Since it
took me nearly four months to get the new C++ engine done there was
obviously a great deal more to do, and what we have is about 75% done.
However, on the bright side of this once the new engine is finished,
debugged, etc I'll have a rock solid tool to use for future game
development. Instead of two years I should be putting out games every
six months or so since the core engine will be done. So at this point
the added lag time is just getting the new engine fully up and
running, and after that adding new levels etc is the easy part.

On 4/13/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Bryan.
> Well, my concern is based on the fact that there seems to have been more
> than one rewrite involved, not just removal of net and direct X. At one
> point the game was written with cross platform support in mind, then that
> was fased out. At one point java was considdered as a developement language,
> then not.
> I'm absolutely Certain Tom is doing all he can to get the game finished, as
> I said this was really a concern of direction.
> if Tom's now just moving into level design and bug fixing, --- which from
> his news it sounds like he is, until the game is finished, then very good!
> I just am a litle worried, sinse Tom seems to have done a lot of redesigning
> in course of the project, and I hope that's over and done with so that he
> can do what is hopefully the fun stuff, ---- and maybe then use all these
> design elements to make developement of his next game (audio castlevania?),
> be a far less tortuous route.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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