The reason Audio Quake exists is because I.D. Software released the
Quake name and engine as  open source. So it is now licensed under a
General Public License. That's why Agrip was legally able to update it
and make it accessible. The terms of the GPL says they could do that
legally. What you can and can't do with  agame is based on the license
for the software.
As for Frogger I have no idea what its copyright status is. You can
always use the same concept and change the name. Concepts are not
copyrighted just names of key characters, stories, and anything
specific to that game world.
For example, in the late 1970's George Lucas came up with Indiana
Jones, and it really kicked the entire adventurer/explorer type theme
into public interest. Montezuma's Revenge was actually suppose to be a
cheap knock off of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but not using
any of Lucasfilm's character's or trademarks. The Pitfall games were
also inspired by the Indiana Jones movies, but again had to be
designed in such a way as not to step on trademarks. Years later Edos
Interactive wanted to create there new game series, Tomb Raider, off
the indiana Jones movies, but they had to do all the work of creating
original stories, characters, etc for the Tomb Raider games. In the
end they came up with Lara Croft who is nearly as popular as Indiana
Jones himself.  Then, there is a series of books called Rogue Angel
which is more or less a spin off of Tomb Raider, but with an American
female as the lead character, and of course are unique but good books
themselves. So my point is you can create good games similar too the
kinds of mainstream titles you like just be creative with it and come
up with something similar, but not exactly like what you want to copy.
I've done that myself. I myself am a fan of Indiana Jones, Rogue
Angel, and Tomb Raider stuff. However, I'm not going to pay whatever
royalties are necessary to write games for those specific series of
movies, games, and books. I can create my own unique background
stories and characters which is exactly what I did with Tomb Hunter.


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