Hi Dark,
Based on my personal experience here Jaws is definitely the exception
not the rule.  Right now I have Window-Eyes 7.11 and the latest
version of NVDA on my system and neither one has a problem being run
in the background with a game. I've used both of them with MOTA beta
12 with no conflicts at all.  I would assume that Hal will similarly
have no problems. With the Jaws 11 demo the game's keyboard input
locks up every time. There is obviously something in Jaws  that
conflicts with DirectInput and will not release keyboard control to
the application when it has focus. Despite having told FS about this
problem over and over again for years it goes in one ear and out the
other. All their so-called tech support says is to put Jaws to sleep,
but once again they consistantly overlook the obvious. I don't have to
do this with Window-Eyes or NVDA. Why do Jaws users have to put up
with this behavior from Jaws when clearly it is a Jaws issue and not a
screen reader issue?

On 4/21/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> It's interesting all the good stuff thae Tom and Bryan have listed about
> Window eyes also applies to Hal, ---- even the tech support business and
> ability to use Sapi synths as speech output. I even stil use orphius for the
> same reason That Bryan uses eloquence, ---- the response time is so fast, in
> fact it's the only synth I've seen that can keep up with my usual typing
> speed even set on word echo.
> I do rather wonder if Jaws's idio syncracies, inability to flick streight
> off, keyboard shinanigans etc are the exception, rather than the rule.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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