It's interesting all the good stuff thae Tom and Bryan have listed about Window eyes also applies to Hal, ---- even the tech support business and ability to use Sapi synths as speech output. I even stil use orphius for the same reason That Bryan uses eloquence, ---- the response time is so fast, in fact it's the only synth I've seen that can keep up with my usual typing speed even set on word echo.

I do rather wonder if Jaws's idio syncracies, inability to flick streight off, keyboard shinanigans etc are the exception, rather than the rule.

Beware the grue!

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Hi Muhammed,
As Bryan said earlier with Window-Eyes most of the time you don't even
have to put the screen reader to sleep with most games.  In fact, when
I'm doing all of my testing I have Window-Eyes running in the
background to catch any popup error messages etc while I'm playing.
With Jaws 11 the keys won't work and the game locks up unless I put it
to sleep or unload it.  That makes it less than useful for a game
developer, and a royal pain in the tail.

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