There really are two issues here Tom.

The first concerns types of games, the second concerns resources.

Currently, though the second to parts to final fantasy thirteen (which look more like films than games these days), are being released, it's equally true that for the first time sinse the 80's, both the fighting fantasy and Lone wolf Series are being republished along with various other original gamebooks which require you to make choices in text.

In the literal sense these are interactive fiction, but there is no guess the verb or beat the parza type puzles, and no clunky engine, just sets of choices of actions to choose from, ---- which is probably the easiest interface ever, and can be as immersive as any book.

It's also very much worth remembering, that though there are literally thousands of text based role playing games online, I can count on the fingers of one hand, the ones that actually have some sort of real plot, story and exploration.

The vast majority are very pvp orientated, have litle stratogy in combat, and end up as pure number crunchers, ----- and from what I've seen Muds go very much the same way.

so, is a gamebook text game a completely dead genre? ---- not in my book.

the second point is about resources.

Entombed is fantastic, ---- but bare in mind that developement has taken literally two years of constant development, ---- and that's taking into account the fact that Jason is an incredibly quick programmer.

Even though you'll have Mota finished very soon, Considdering your committments to raceway, and any other projects you might start, how long would such a game take to develope? ---- at least another two years, and possibly more.

I'd personally much rather have some game than no game.

Would I pay 35 usd for a text based game? yes, if it was immersive enough, deep enough and interesting enough, just as I'd be equally likely to read the book as see the film, and even more especially if it had updates, and extra quests and enough gameplay.

As one other point though, I do wonder why it has to be an all or nothing approach.

Smugglers 3 and 4, are text based games. They have stil graffic pictures and one or two animation sequences, but these are in no way necessary to gameplay (one reason they're so accessible). Yet, they have music and one or two sound effects.

Why not a gamebook style adventure, with background music to each area to enhance the atmosphere? ---- I don't imagine writing in one command to play a background track while a certain page or set of pages is being displayed as really so difficult, not like writing out objects in sterrio pan with sound events etc. It would also take advantage of the game being downloadable and single player rather than stuck online, ---- even if it was essentially just an executable that ran html pages while playing sounds on the users machine. as a fan of game music, I'd deffinately! pay for something like that.

Beware the grue!

Look at the smugglers games from

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