Hi Dark,
As for your first point that is sadly all too true. Far too many of
the web based gamebook style rpg adventures are nothing more than pvp
stat grinders with little to kno story at all.  I can't get interested
in them any more than I do roguelikes that are basically walking
around killing monsters all of the time. More than anything I want a
game with some actual story and depth to it. Even games like Sryth,
started out as a great story based gamebook type game, eventually just
became another stat grinding game with some pvp elements to it. After
that it just killed the game for me. I doubt I'm going to renew my
subscription because of that fact.
Then, we have the games like Kingdom of Loathing. To be honest I
couldn't stand that game.Oh, some of the jokes are funny the first
time you read them, but it really just turned me off in a hurry.  I
want something more serious and shall we say professionally done.
For example, I haven't done a lot of table top DND roll playing, but
what DND playing I have done was always fun and entertaining. What
always drew me into the game was the story, the adventure, and the
various characters in our party. The Forbidden Relms adventures were
always cool because you could fight enemies such as the Drau and the
Dergars which haven't shown up in any web based gamebook I've seen to
date. Even in Entombed Elves are generally seen as one of the heroic
races, and there is no mention of the dark elves, the Drau, from the
Dungeons and Dragons games which would fit right into an underground
dungeon like that. Same goes for the dark dwarve races like the
Duergars that would be interesting to fight in Entombed. My rpg type
game would include such races for a more in depth game world than we
have had in audio or text based format to date.
As to your second point I'd say a game like this would probably take
three to five years to complete depending how much I worked on it in
my free time. Keep in mind even Sryth took a couple of years before
there was enough adventures etc to make it really worth paying for. I
beleive the first paid adventure was the Stoneback Hill quest. At
least a year or so before Sryth began making any money for the
developer. Well into Sryth's development, and I'd likely be faced with
a similar development sschedule. It takes time writing stories,
playing each adventure, and debugging that style of game. It isn't
like one game, but more like hundreds of smaller games rolled into one
game. Which really takes time to produce.
As to your question about sounds/music I didn't mean to indicate that
this would be an all or nothing situation. I certainly could add some
sounds and music for background ambience effects, probably add some
combat sounds here and there, but I wouldn't necessarily want to buy
hundreds of different sounds to have sounds for every item, creature,
and area of the game. That would get extremely expensive after a
while. More than people are willing to take in account at times.
Finally, as for your last point I agree. One reason I'm writing this
in C++ is to make it downloadable and so you don't have to be on the
internet the entire time. You can save your games directly to your
computer and back them up as needed. Since I now have licensed
Streemway I could certainly use it to stream music, background
ambience, and play some sounds as necessary. In that way it would be
better than something like Sryth, but maybe not as audio packed as
Entombed. I'm not sure how people would feel about that compromise.


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