I agree Tom, ---- but actually i think if the game had music, that would change it significantly.

As I said in my artical, music can do a lot for the game, particularly if it is well written and well suted to each game environment, ---- eg, different towns, races or characters having different themes etc.

Myself I absolutely love exploration in game, exploration of a world and it's history. I've certainly seen this in tabletop games but about the only online games I've seen such a world in are gamebook series like Project Aon or the Chronicles of arborell.

Sryth originally looked at providing that sort of content, ---- and indeed i was one of it's biggest fans, but frankly the gm has just got greedy. Rather than adding new areas, there are just increasing amounts of random events and listing competitions, who's only purpose seems to me to be to get people to spend money on adventurer tocans to buy equipment. Nasty as it sounds, I actually believe the gm has gotten too greedy.

I fully agree on Kingdom of loathing. I've tried the game a good few times, sinse it is a very deep game, but I just can't be motivated to switch on and play in order to beat up monsters wielding toilet plungers, ---- particularly sinse the games' turn system means you only get a limited amount of play time, and thus must play for a while and then go back. One thing I will add though, is that I'm desperate for a game with actually interesting combat. This is imho one of Entombed's major strengths, it's not simply a case of "you hit it, it hits you"

I've seen hundreds of games with really detailed equipment, buff, and skill systems (not the least being core exiles), where essentially you spend all the stratogy in the preparation for battle, and none in the actual battling.

Certainly in tabletop games there are more options open to the players than just hitting things. For example, in one session of mutants and masterminds we were fighting an undead villain who could breathe toxic gas.

My character, ---- Silver night, a super hero in a battle sute, being one othe the group's main melee fighters obviously was in close combat. I then had the idea of smacking said villain in the chest and winding him, so that essentially he couldn't use his toxic breath!

It's this sort of thinking I'd really like to see in an rpg game, not just equipping up your character and hitting fight, ---- but actually taking into account who and what your fighting, and using your characters' abilities to overcome them reactively.

Imho this is one thing Entombed does exceptionally well, ---- though there is absolutely no reason this couldn't be done in text.

Beware the Grue!


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