Hi Phil,
That's just it though. One of the reasons the level intros are there
in the first place is to stream some audio while the level is loading
in the background.  Sometimes it happens very quickly, and on some
systems not so quickly. However, I am having people complaining that
they can't skip the intro and get into level 1 or level 2 quickly. I
don't think they realise if they skip the intro the level still may
have to load giving them dead silence for a couple of seconds or so
while it fully loads up. So if they skip it and have nothing but
silence it is their own fault for asking me to allow them to skip the
Basically, your having Sarah climb or decend the staircases between
levels is what the level intros are doing in Mysteries of the
Ancients. While Angela is reading the inscription on the wall or
entering level 2 with a burning torch it is loading stuff in the
background. Skip it and you may get dead silence while it loads that
level.  All I can do is document this fact and tell them if they don't
like the length of silence buy a faster computer, because how fast the
level loads really depends on their processor speed. It isn't my fault
they want to exit the level intro  before the level is fully loaded.
If they complain about the silence   I'll just have to ttell them
that's what they asked for. They wanted to exit the level intro, but I
can't make the level load faster than their CPU will allow. So from my
opinion they have no right to complain about it.

On 5/13/10, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> The dead silence while loading levels once troubled people when playing
> earlier versions of Sarah.
> So I have her walking up the staircase to cover most of the delay while the
> next level is loaded.
> So far no one has complained about the walking up staircase sound.
> Phil

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