Hi William,
I'll likely have scenes between each level for the primary fact they
give the player something to listen to while the game is loading the
new level.  One fact I think a lot of gamers miss is they are more
than just extra filler for the game. They are there to give you, the
player, something to listen too instead of dead silence while level x
loads. Skipping those scenes may or may not result in you immediately
going into the next level depending on the speed of your computer.
As for traps and alike there certainly will be more traps, and a few
may be slightly more challenging. However, as I am now working on a
tight schedule I'm not sure how complicated the puzzles will be. Sorry
to say, but I'm just burned out on the game. I want it done and over
with.  I'm ready to work on something else, and I'm not going to spend
an extra six months or a year trying to find better traps, puzzles,
etc than those I initially designed. Remember James North took several
pre-orders for this game, kept the money for those pre-orders, and
I'll never make that money back. I'm not going to make much money off
this title so I'm not going to put my best into it. I've decided
future games in the series can be more complex and have the better
traps and puzzles.


On 5/14/10, william lomas <lomaswill...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> will there be cut scenes between each level?
> Looking forward seeing what else is coming up for us. I  assume traps and
> puzzles get harder?

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