My first audio game was Battle ship back in 2000, after losing my eye sight I 
was going crazy knowing this market was available; although I'm grateful for 
the audio game market my thirst for gaming hasn't been quenched; I was a 
Madden, NBA Live, Tyson punch out, Die Hard, Mortal Combat ect...player; Audio 
games tends to stick to kids type games, and not more adult/real life games 
like GTA or even Star Wars; Allot of us have been around since the start of the 
gaming revolution and has played systems such as Coleco vision, Atari, Sega and 
Nintendo, and has played hundreds of games; I know and hope audio games will 
pick up it's pace as technology improves, but I anxiously wait for some more 
serious game titles that will expand the adult audio gamers mind and appetite. 
I would love to fly that fighter jet again, go on realistic adventures without 
goblins and ghost's, and seriously play a good Football game and finally lead 
my EAGLES to The Super Bowl..LOL.. Thanks
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