Oh, it might be possible to make a game like that accessible, but
sometimes it is tricky making something accessible. I know in my own
games like  Mysteries of the Ancients I've simplified traps etc
intentionally to make it easier to play. I've made dozens of other
things that a mainstream developer wouldn't necessarily do in order to
make the game fully accessible, and that's where the major difference
comes in.
For example, with the Nintendo Wiithey have the Wii-Motes which i
really find tricky to handle. I've tried playing games with my family
on the Wii and they constantly tell me too far left, too far right,
too fast, whatever. i can't seam to coordinate my movements properly
with the action on screen because I can't see/hear what I'm doing.
In other words what I'm getting at is with the Wii there is a lot of
hand-eye coordination involved, and it would most likely have to be
adjusted for hhand-ear coordination. Unfortunately, a televisions
speakers aren't exactly setup for detailed audio output like that.
What you really need is a stereo entertainment system with 5.1 sound
to play the game properly. I don't know if the Nintendo Wii has a 5.1
stereo mixer since it is intended for a standard television set.
However, what we really need is a more detailed soundscape than just
adding sounds. We need real time posissional audio feedback too.


On 5/23/10, Lori Duncan <lori_dunca...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom, I know what you mean, I'm not sure if you know the game I'm on
> about, I think it's called "Marrio Car"  The sounds are to an extent
> childish, it's a racing/cartoon game but even with my sister calling out
> instructions it's too tricky and there's loads of sounds playing at once.
> She ashures me it takes her all her time to play it with full sight, but I
> thought all Nontendo would really have to do is what Phillip and you do,
> give the objects audio voices or sounds, so if it says "Electricity" you
> could just avoid it.  To me it doesn't seem all that hard, but maybe because
> it isn't a game for the PC it might be.  :(

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