Fortunately, when I began using screen readers at secondary school, Hal (in fact hal 3.2), was all they had.

Luckily for me when I was granted equipment for my degree and masters, the oficer who wrote the report and administrated my grant was a very nice chap (in fact through dealing with my brother and I for many years he's now a family friend), and he basically asked me what I wanted.

Sinse I'd only ever used Hal, it was Hal I chose, which bought my initial license (and indeede has paid for a few upgrades sinse).

I have however been lucky, and I've heard of various Vi people who've been dragooned into having jaws, and having specific equipment whatever they happen to want..

I hadn't even heard! of window eyes until 2003, when it turned out Tom Lorimer of Whitestick used it, ---- I even thought because of the name it was developed by microsoft ;D.

I really ought to download a demo and just try it out, --- for the sake of interest if nothing else, sinse I have tried jaws, and obviously know Hal very well.

Beware the grue!


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