Woe. Let's hold on hear.  I don't think anyone said anything about
voice acting, cut scenes, and that sort of thing. It is a nice idea,
but it could get quite expensive, and since I plan on releasing this
game as freeware I am not exactly going to dump a lot of cash into the
project. If you guys truly want voice acting and all that stuff then
you better be prepared to donate to it, or I'm not going to do it.


On 6/10/10, Dakotah Rickard <dakotah.rick...@gmail.com> wrote:
> My thoughts are as follows:
> Go ahead and do the fleet strategy thing, but maybe keep it a touch
> simpler than Time of Conflict is. I love that game, but man. It really
> stretches the old brain cells out.
> If, after this game is finished, you choose to do a realtime solo
> perspective game, that would be really awesome.
> One thing I considered while reading all of these posts was bridge
> commander. Obviously, finding people to impersonate enough of the Star
> Trek characters to tie the game in might be tricky, there's nothing
> saying we can't maybe find one or two people that could and getting
> them to help out. This presents technical issues that we've discussed
> on this list before concerning quality of microphone and set up,
> though, so it might not be worth it.
> On the other hand, maybe do what most of us poor role play schmucks do
> and make up the officials as you go along. But back to Bridge
> commander, the thing I like about that game is that it has a story,
> but you can alternatively set up battles to practice. I thought STFC
> was going to become a Bridge Commander for us blind folk, but if it
> isn't, there's a huge opening, and the game is very easy to port or
> accessibilize or even justgrab a couple thoughts from.
> I'd love to see an audio game that has campaigns with distinctive
> bits, cut scenes, and the like, and a Star Trek game would grab my
> attention and hold on.
> Frankly, I'd like pretty much anything Trek related, but if you
> followed up your current project with a solo perspective game with
> campaign elements, I'd jump through more than a few hoops to get it.
> Signed:
> Dakotah Rickard

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