Hi Hayden,
Nothing is "mostly crack proof." That's the entire point of my white
paper.  Some developers believe that coming up with more and more
restrictive licensing systems is the way to crack down on software
piracy, but it is a battle they will lose. If someone wants to pirate
it bad enough they will. That's a fact of life that every developer
needs to accept on some level.
I'm not saying that we should make it easy for pirates to pirate the
software, but we also need to take in account our honest paying
customers too.  Usually these restrictive licenses harm the honest
paying customer more than the pirates themselves. Pirates have work
arounds for restrictive licenses where your honest paying customer
does not. They have to suffer the results of a hardware based license
key system which is something of a punishment for paying for the
software rather than a reward.
One common mistake we often make is we look to this or that security
system and say this is "mostly crack proof." For example, a few months
back, before I converted to C++, I was looking at purchasing a very
well known licensing API for my Genesis Engine.  However, rather than
accepting all the good reviews I decided to look for some negative
reviews, and if there were any well known security issues. Turns out
there were some extremely negative reviews, and well known technical
and security issues involved with that API. When I asked the company
about it the denied it outright.  I had expected them to say that
those problems had been addressed, fixed, whatever but they denied
they ever existed.  Given what I had read somebody was lying, and I
wasn't willing to take the companies word on the matter given the cost
I was going to have to fork over to buy their API. Of course, it is
always possible the negative reviews I had read were false, but there
is likely some truth to the number of reviews says  don't buy software
x because of reason x.

On 6/20/10, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> That's a good point when it comes to registration systems. There's really no
> point with going with anyone more exasperating? Then a name based system.
> The only time I can see that as a good move is if you actually found a
> mostly crack proof version, similar to Jason's system for Entombed. (though,
> correct me)
> Best Reagrds,
> Hayden

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