Hi Dark,
Hahaha...Yeah, I don't think tanks can climb up ropes, move up/down on
staircases, and jump over chasms, and all the other things you'll have
to do in MOTA.
However, as you pointed out yes you will have to raise and lower your
guns using the pov keys page up and page down in order to shoot an
enemy target as well as be facing the proper direction of course. I am
still working on the audio navigation aspect as well as the 3d view
commands, but that's what beta testing is for. We can find out what
works and don't work for gamers. Especially, since this is breaking
new ground for many totally blind gamers who have never played Jedi
Knight, Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, whatever and had to deal with
things in all directions. Not just north, south, east, and west but
above and below you as well.

On 6/25/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I suspect Bryan that Mota 3D will be even more so than tank commander, sinse
> tanks don't tend to do much climbing around or moving up and down
> themselves, where as dr. carter will.
> So, I assume it might be possible to combat a flying harpy either by raising
> your gun, or by climbing a rope until your on the same horizontal plane and
> the harpy then letting fly.
> This is one reason i'll be interested to see what Tom comes up with in terms
> of navigation, sinse there are likely to be a lot of possible actions to
> take at one time, and a lot of information about the environment which needs
> to be conveyed by sound.
> Beware the Grue!

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