Hi Muhammed and all,
I appreciate your opinion and suggestions but what you are suggesting
does not in anyway enhance the theme or story for this particular
game. Understand this game takes place in an ancient Greek tomb
therefore the enemies you encounter have to have some relationship to
greek mythology. Something like trolls, which have nothing to do with
Greek mythology, would be totally out of place.I can't and won't do
that to my game simply because I am trying to stick to a particular
As for giants and alike I don't have giants, per say, in the game.
However, I do have a couple of cyclops in the game. Those happen to be
one-eyed giants of a sort, and are already in the design docs. They
just haven't appeared in the game yet. At least not in recent versions
of the game anyway. Although, they are there.


On 6/26/10, Muhammed Deniz <muhamme...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> We think so. Personily, I think their should be water pits or pits which
> have plants which could strangel you. Also, for another trap, a rope that
> you walk on but no floor and a plant from under. Also, for the inchanted
> swords, their shall be a boss strong than a minotaur. Maybe a half giant or
> a pure giant? Also, for you to reach the kerberro, I think their shall be an
> ettan and a troll guarding the room entirants. Another thing, why don't you
> include clubs in the game? That's what the troll and the ettin could have.
> Anyone agree? Also for juels, their shall be dogs or horses guarding the
> juels Also, they could be at the end of a level. Anyone like this? Also,
> Traps shall be put in places like that.

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