Hi Bryan,
Well, some might call what Athena does cheating, but others might also
see it as being clever and sneeky. For example, the Trojan Horse, was
her idea, and of course that was the deciding factor in the Trojan
War. It was a sneeky and underhanded trick to get a small force of
armed men inside Troi's deffences, but it worked. Was that cheating or
just being sneeky?
As for Athena's contest with Arachne Athena did in deed use the clouds
to do her weaving which of course caused her to win the contest.
However, As Athena herself told Arachne after she had won the contest
Arachne didn't tell her that she couldn't use the clouds before the
contest started. Again, this could be seen as cheating, but it also
could mean Athena was being sneeky and underhanded because the terms
of the contest never said that she couldn't use the clouds in her
weaving. Sure what she did wasn't fair, but she was only playing by
the rules stipulated before the contest started, and they didn't state
that using the clouds was prohibited.
However, in that particular story we also get to see Athena's
compassion for mortals too. after Arachne lost the contest she tried
to hang herself with a rope. Athena saw this and turned Arachne into a
spider, and made her the master weaver of all the animals. I think
that was meant as a  belated apology and possibly as a gift of sorts.

On 6/27/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Although she did have something of a temper from what I recall, and a
> tendency to cheat in all the contests I've ever read about. Arachne was a
> case in point, although you're right in that she definitely didn't kill her.
> I seem to recall that in one version of the story Arachne actually won the
> weaving contest. In another she did lose because Athena used the clouds as
> weaving material. Either way of course Arachne ended up as a spider. LOL. I
> suppose Ares would probably have killed her without even giving her the
> opportunity to prove herself.
> We are the Knights who say...Ni!

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