Hi David,

One day I will try to record a game of WII Bowling.  The thing is, it has to be 
a day when I am not running the AC and when I can get someone that will let me 
record them.

I can not start the game etc by myself.  I need sighted help for that.  I also 
can not play the game as well without sighted help.  I do ok with throwing my 
first ball trying for a strike.  But then I need someone to tell me which pins 
are left so that I can try to pick up the spare.  I also need someone to tell 
me what my score is and which frame we are in.  So it is a very fun game to 
play with a bit of sighted help.  You still need to swing your arm, crank your 
wrist and release the ball in a consistent manor.  Well I do often not crank my 
wrist so as to throw the ball straight at a pin for a spare.  It also helps 
that I remember the location of the pins so that they can just give me the 
number of the pin that is left standing.

Just in case you do not know the set up of the pins, here they are.

7 8 9 0
4 5 6
 2 3

I used 0 for ten just to keep the spacing.  For the strike ball a right hander 
wants to hit the 1 and three pin equally.  A left hander the 1 and 2 pin.  The 
7 is the far left back pin.  the 10 the far back right pin on the lane.  The 1 
and 5 pin behind the 1 pin are in the center of the lane.



My favorite color is red, black and chrome.

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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