Nice coverage.. I love detail. grin. I would also recommend a ps2... as it has the bigest amount of accessible games in my mind, and is reasonably priced. Snag one if you can and give it a wirl before thinking about any current-gen stuff. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Tom Randall" <>
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Hi Damien AND ALL.

Thomas and Clemant have done a pretty excellent job of covering this, so I
won't have a whole lot to add here other than the suggestion that you maybe
spend some time listening to some gaming videos on youtube, there are all
kinds of them out there, this may give you some ideas as to what games sound
interesting to you.  As others have said the fighting games seem to be the
easiest to pick up and play, although yes there is definitely a good amount of memorization and/or writing things down especially at first. Fortunately there are some really excellent mainstream gamers here who may have already done a lot of the legwork on this for you. For example, yohandy, definitely
one of the mainstream gamers on here fairly recently posted a complete
writeup on the character grid in superstreetfighter IV.  This is important
because especially when you are first learning the game it is pretty
essential that you pick the same character each time and work on learning
that character's moves, each character has different moves and things.
Without such a writeup or sighted assistance to tell you which character is
which there's no easy way to tell without actually starting a fight.

One more thing I will add, although I absolutely love mainstream gaming
myself I will definitely say it is not for everyone.  Not everyone has the
patience or the time or the energy that one needs to put into learning these things. I make no secret that I am just an ok mainstream gamer not because I can't learn them but just because I don't have as much time or energy as I would like to put into them. I intend to get better and I will, but it will just take a while. If you want to find out whether or not this is for you,
in other words if you want to get your feet wet before spending too much
money, because this does cost what I call a significant amount to get into, one possible option is to buy a slightly older system such as a ps2. There
are lots of good games that we can play on the ps2 several of the mortal
kombat games, one or more of the tekken games, at least one Soul Calibur
title, probably some of the streetfighter titles although I am not sure
which ones as well as some sports titles if that is your thing and more
besides. Ps2's can be had pretty cheap and the games are very inexpensive.
So if you have absolutely no experience in mainstream gaming and you maybe
want to give it a try without laying out a huge amount of cash this might be
a way.

I hope this is helpful, feel free to write me either on or off list if I can
answer any questions.



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