Sigh...Kevin, I've said this more times than I can count this week,
but yes the panning is the way it is because I'm not using DirectSound
8. Since I am no longer primarily using Windows and DirectSound 8 is
old anyway I have no plans to go back to DirectSound for my games. The
new API, XAudio2, that has replaced DirectSound on Windows 7 doesn't
have panning either.  Most sound APIs weather we are talking OpenAL,
XAudio2, whatever use 5.1 surround sound audio rather than simple 2d
panning. So there is nothing I can do about the problem accept go back
to Windows and DirectSound. Since I have no intentions of going back
to DirectSound there is absolutely nothing I can do to make the game
sound exactly like it did in beta 13 and earlier, and maintain a
cross-platform compatible version.
I realize that some of you really think the way the audio is rendered
absolutely sucks, but I have been working hard to do my best to
resolve the situation as best as I can. It is getting to the point
where I am beginning to get very upset with the constant nagging,
complaining, and griping over the panning. If you guys can't learn to
live with the fact DirectSound is old, no longer supported by me or
Microsoft, and I have decided to move forward with different APIs then
that is your loss. I'd more than happy to do what James North did by
closing  up the USA Games website, resign from the Audyssey list, and
never be heard from again. I'm that fed up and disgusted with the
constant wining, complaining, and griping over the panning which I can
do nothing to change other than support an API that A, doesn't work on
Linux which I use almost exclusively now, and B, Microsoft has listed
for removal from DirectX by the time the next Windows release comes
out. You've got a choice to either accept the way things are, or learn
to live with one less game developer. I don't need the constant


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