Hi Kevin,
I think you are confusing simple 2d panning with rendering sounds
through a 3d renderer interface. Comparing those two things from a
technical point of view is like showing someone an apple and saying it
is an orange. They are totally different things and can't be compared
to each other equally.
All of the new games you mentioned such as the Grand Theft Auto
series, Counter-Strike, Need for Speed, whatever have a 3d audio
interface and therefore all the sounds are rendered using a 3d
renderer. Since they depend on a 3d renderer for 5.1 surround sound to
position audio they are absolutely not using simple 2d panning.
Panning and 3d renderers from a programming/technical discussion are
like comparing apples and oranges.
If you are confused about the difference between stereo panning and
5.1 surround sound I think you need to read some programming books on
DirectX or some other explanitory document that explains the
fundimental differences. However, I can sum it up by saying 2d panning
simply moves the sound between a left and right channel of audio. A 3d
renderer such as that which comes with XAudio2, for example, allows
you to position the sound between 5 channels giving you the ability to
take advantage of 5.1 surround sound technology.
So what people are saying that new games don't use panning is true.
They don't use panning but 5.1 surround sound.So you bfore telling
people they are wrong, that this or that is false, I think you need to
do a little more technical research on the matter. Panning and 5.1
surround sound aren't the same thing.


On 10/9/10, weis...@googlemail.com <weis...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have to clear a few things here.
> First, mainstream games and panning. What people have been saying is mostly
> false. If you play new games like Modern warfar 2, or even max payne 2,
> all the grand theft auto series including 1, the driver series, need for
> speed, counter-strike, and many, many others do have surround sound
> capabilities. Some of the shooters, if you wear 5.1 capable headphones,
> are fun to play. Assasin screed is another very audio rich game. I
> managed to complete and pass a few levels. So, the fact main-stream games
> have no panning is completely false. In fact, tell me a game which is
> developed for modern consoles which has no panning. But don't just
> announce titles. Please tell me eral titles. Titles you've tried with
> good headphones on your head and played for a while trying to figure it
> out.
> Thanks,
> Kevin

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