Charles, this is literally what happened.
I do not understand  at all why my post didn't make sense to you.
I tried my utmost best to describe the problem as clearly as possible.
I will have to purchase recording software and try to record it when she
give her death scream and then give a warning.
I will dropbox or sendspace the recording once I managed to record it.
But this is literally what happened:
Lara first gives her death scream and then she says careful now.
Perhaps you might think that its not humanly possible to scream,while dying
and then give a warning, but this is really what happened when I played mota
last night.
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You say, "This is how I do it: if I hear the sound of the fire in the 
distance, I take
single steps with 2 second delays between  each step.
So lara gives her first warning, so I only give one step, i.e press the
right arrow once with out holding it down.
so she first give her death scream and then only does she says careful now.
I just thought of letting you know."

This makes no sense to me.  Can you restate it?  Seems to me that she dies 
when giving the death scream, doesn't she?  So why would she say, "Careful 
now!" after the death scream?  I know that Thomas is working on getting 
consistency with this part of the game, and he'll get it.

Shepherds are the best beasts!

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