Sorry to disagree here, but in sited games, it is not always half as clear as you might think.

Take mario as an example. A large pit you might need to be on the very edge of, or do a running jump, and in both of these circumstances you may well miss the edge (especially with running), you might also missjudge the distance and fall down, or, if jumping in a small area, jump too high and hit your head on the cieling, falling down once again.

These sorts of factors to do with varying the distance of jumps are less easy to add in an audio side scroller (in fact, I don't think any audio game has had variable hight jumps), so you need another factor for challenge, and lack of edges is a very good one, sinse it forces you to calculate matters as carefully as in a sited game rather than just get all the information.

How about a compromise? either, removing the bounderies on higher difficulty levels, or keeping the bounderies on chasms but not on fire pits.

Personally, with the review mode and by taking it slow, i don't find lack of edges really a big deal at all.

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