Hi Charles,

As Dark correctly pointed out jumping in MOTA is purely mechanical. If
you are standing on a ledge and press alt+right arrow to jump you will
always make it safely to the other side because the trap is exactly
one jump across. Knowing where to start, therefore, means you will
always jump over that trap without any possible margin of error That's
just down right unrealistic..

My point more over was that just because a sighted person can see a
trap in a game is no certainty the can actually cross it.

Take Super Mario for example.  In Mario you had to jump over traps,
and there were a number of factors that would come in to play when
trying to cross a certain trap. If Mario was normal size or big the
chances of jumping a large trap were greater than if Mario was small.
I remember getting pretty mad when Mario would get shrunk and then
there was a big trap coming up, because it usually meant I couldn't
make the jump and would die trying. In such a case weather I could see
the trap or not made absolutely no difference in the outcome.

So if we are going to keep the edges around traps like people want we
now have to rewrite the game mechanics, the jump code, etc to put some
challenge back into the game.  We can't always jump a chasm and make
it to the other side with 100% certainty. There needs to be some
factor or margin of error. Does that make sense?

On 11/4/10, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> This may be true, but I think the key here is that sighted people can see a
> trap, shouldn't a blind person be able to hear it?  Thinking of it another
> way, it would be like a blind person walking down the street without a cane
> or a dog guide to let them know that there is an open manhole in front of
> them.  Even if they know that it is at a specific intersection that they
> must cross, they should still be able to feel it with their feet before
> falling into it so that they can go around it safely.  This is my take on
> whether or not there should be an indication of a trap.
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