Not intending this comment to sound rude, but could we please eliminate the compromises? why is it every time something is suggested, there has to be some sort of compromise. I really don't get you guys at all. you want a difficult game, and Thomas is willing to do just that for us. so why are you guys trying to limit his creativity? If I was Thomas and I was working on this game, I'd be afraid to add features due to possible backlash from the community. Let the man create the game he envisioned for us. if you hate difficult games, don't buy it. problem solved. See this is exactly why companies like Draconis don't update us on their progress. nothing fully satisfies people in the community so devs just go underground and do their thing. Let's use 3dv as an example. that game, from what I heard from previews, contains a good amount of cursing. You don't see munewar saying oh man, this game has too much language and isn't suited for 12 year olds, so I'm gonna remove this feature. no, he went along with it. and I'm glad he's doing this. We need to evolve as gamers. we need mature games, as well as difficult games. this is why I believe that audio games will never evolve. We're a minority, and that minority wants compromises and specific features tailored to each individual. The only way for us to evolve as audio gamers would be for a really rich developer to get out there and say hey look, I'm gonna make this game, and you guys could either take it or leave it. unfortunately audio game developers need the extra cash that game development generates. I don't blame them of course, but this really sucks for us as a whole. it isn't like the video game market where if a game is too difficult you simply buy another easier one. We have limitations with audio games. I'm not even sure what the point I'm trying to make here is lol. I guess I'm just a bit disappointed at the fact we seem to take one step forward and 3 back when it comes to audio games and where we all stand as a community.

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I wonder if a good compromise would be to eliminate the warnings on the highest difficulty and leave them in the lower ones? Thoughts, Thomas?

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