I agree with this. I think that was a good concept in Monty, and should be kept at least to an extent. That to me would add that extra bit of challenge... and that chasm, for example. If one couldn't find the switch, you could have an alternative method... but a much harder one. So you have two options. Explore and try and find the hidden switch to lower a drawbridge, or jump from ledge to ledge keeping in mind different widths and distances.

At 07:52 AM 04/11/2010, you wrote:
The problem I find with audio games that doesn't exist in mainstream games is the fact there's no velocity sensitivity when pressing buttons. Meaning you can press the keys as hard or softly as you want and it won't make the slightest difference for jump distances etc. in mainstream platforming games sometimes you need to press and hold down the button if you're doing a really high jump. we don't have such control for audio games. is this because this wouldn't be possible to do on a keyboard? Also you guys mention ledges hanging out above the lava. I'd so love to see something like this in an audio game. this is definitely something sighted folks had to worry about when playing. in games like supermario there were also levels where you had various platforms that appeared above lava or pits or such similar hazards that would disappear if you didn't get across them fast enough. some levels even had a whole bunch of them that you had to make it through in succession without falling to your doom. These types of things is what I'd love to experience in an audio game.

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