Hi Neophyte.
i wasn't meaning that this was a specifically vi issue at all, just that it is principely the reason I've stopped playing a lot of if these days, sinse for every game I tried that I really liked, there seemed to be five or six others where I ran into those sorts of problems.

This got particularly irritating with games like heroes which had a greeat concept and very much grabbed my interest.

As to text gamebooks, I mean games based upon the style of the old gamebook series of the 1980's and early 90's, things like fighting fantasy, lone wolf and fabled lands.

These are similar to interactive fiction in that they provide a second person narative, but rather than having a complex program and parza to handle progression, they use a system of turning to various pages of text (or with some of the online ones, clicking links), to make choices. Often, they also feature an abilities and stats system similar to a tabletop rp game and have turn based combat.

By limiting the choice of player actions, I find it far easier to concentrate upon the story and world, rather than get stuck behind some over complex puzle. Traditionally, series like Fighting fantasy have been slightly pulp fantasy in genre, ---- big swords and big explosions, however with people now writing gamebooks online, there are some more subtle works available and works in different genres.

Noteable sites include www.ffproject.orgg, a site which has many gamebooks online, pluss an in built dice and character sheet system (so you don't need to write your own).

www.arborell.com, The chronicles of arborell (actually very much a favourite of mine), a site where an author is trying to do essentially what Tolkien did, create a world with it's own history, culture and language. There are several game books (including one very unusual one), pluss many background novels, historical documents and the like.

www.project.aon.org, a site wwhich allows you to either download or play online the lone wolf series of gamebooks from the 80's. These are unique in that the 20 books in the series form episodes in an ongoing story, and you keep your character and abilities from book to book adding more skills as you progress and thus getting more choices about where the story goes.

There are several others kicking around, but these I think are probably the main three, and the three I frequent most.

You can always search the database at www.audiogames.net for the gamebooks catagory.


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