Hi neophyte.

To be honest "as a visually impared person" doesn't particularly apply here if the books are accessible. Obviously I prefer them not to have graphics or graphical puzles, and equally obviously it's good for me to get them online rather than in an inaccessible print form (I've contacted the publishers of the ff series sinse they seem to be producing versions for Iphone, suggesting that they might sell accessible pc versions, but sadly I got no response, and sinse I on't have an Iphone myself I can't say whether gamebook projects released for it are accessible with th aple synth voice over or not).

As a fan however, I do have thoughts.

my first, is that obviously good writing is manifestly helpful. I've seen several sites which offer online creation of Cyoa type affairs, but all of the ones I checked seemed to be written by a ten year old (and often a dirty minded one at that).

So that's obviously the first concern (this is one thing i really love about the Chronicles of arborell, the writing is superb).

Then there is probably the most often mentioned factor of gamebooks, random death. A gamebook (such as house of horror on the ff project site), where fairly inocuous choices can get your character killed and the only way through is basic trial and error frequently leaves you with a sense of unfairness.

I'm not saying random death shouldn't occur, only that it would be helpful to have at least some hint in the text, or some method of saving yourself via a stat roll or use of ability, not just "woopse, didn't we tell you that taking the right hand passage lead to a giant invisible crushing wrecking ball of death!"

getting on to abilities, obviously it is not possible to feature a hugely long combat and stats system in a gamebook, however there should be things you as a character can do to influence stats, rather than just be forced to take whatever you roll at the beginning and live with it.

lone wolf for instance has the Kai skills systems (which has also been mirrored in Arborell), where taking certain skills allows you to avoid combats, ---- for instance by using your archery skill to shoot the guards from a distance, or using your hunting skill to head around the advancing guard patrol.

Like wise, while it's not really possible to have a really complex and interesting stats system in a gamebook, combats should at least have some nice scriptions for winning or losing (the chronicles of arborell does this very well).

i also dislike books which simply stick in statistically hard fights for the sake of it which you as a player cannot alter.

While having a chance of death in battle is fine, being suddenly attacked by something which is amazingly tougher than you and cannot physically be killed due to the high stats against you (as indeed happened in some of the lw books), is simply unfair.

I actually did have a plan for a gamebook, but I've yet to get to the point of writing it, ---- too many other things on hand unfortunately.

I hope you have fun with these.

Beware the grue!


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