I don't know how popular gamebook's are with the genral Vi gaming
comunity but I personally love them. Gamebook's are more story driven
than most games, and since it is all text/html based the author has to
get descriptive about a certain scene he or shee wants to convey to
the reader. It gives far more detail about the scene than an audio
only game can. For example, imagine a passsage like this.

"You are walking down a long and narrow passage. You can hear the
sound of dripping water off in the distance, and the air smells fowel
and damp. Suddenly, you stop at a large stone door. Weird markings
cover the door with runes and symbols you have never seen before. You
lean closer to take a look at the door. In the torch light you see a
marking of a handprint."

This is what makes interactive fiction, gamebooks, etc so interesting
for me. Although, I write audio games there is no way I can give all
that information in an audio only invironment. Sure I can have the
stone door, the sound of dripping water, but there is no way to set
the mood or tell someone what it smells like. In a gamebook or
interactive fiction type game I can describe in detail all the runes
and markings on the door. In an audio action adventure like mysteries
of the Ancients I'd have to create some kind of examain command to
give out all that detail, and that would be far more work than just
writing it down in a gamebook or interactive fiction type game.

On 11/5/10, neoph...@inthecompanyofgrues.com
<neoph...@inthecompanyofgrues.com> wrote:
> Hey Dark,
> Thanks for all those thoughts.
> Picking up the old Choose Your Own Adventure books was quite the surprise.
> I had no idea how badly they were written. They just spiral all over the
> place and some of the deaths are so obscure and unexpected. In my opinion,
> ensuring that each choice is informed and conflicted is so important.
> Are game books popular here? I wonder how many of us who read and play
> them would love to write their own. I know I've thought about it many
> times.
> Thanks for the Cerepoc link.
> Cheers,
> Neophyte.

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